Therapeutic dentistry includes the treatment of primary dental diseases – caries and its complications (pulpit, periodontitis), which occur due to lack of timely prophylactics, treatment of the teeth, and lack of a systematic monitoring of their health status. You need to see your Dentist every 6 months, as a minimum, for prophylactic examination and cleaning of the teeth from the layered plaque.

Cost of therapy



Caries superfitsialis (surface) – photopolymer

Caries media (middle) – photopolymer

Caries profunda (deep) – photopolymer

Pulpit one-root – photopolymer

Pulpit two-root – photopolymer

Pulpit three-root – photopolymer

Periodontitis one-root

Periodontitis two-root

Periodontitis three-root

Pulpit of a temporary tooth with photopolymer

Caries of a temporary tooth with photopolymer

Caries of a milk tooth – photopolymer

Pulpit of a milk tooth

Lavage of root canal

Removing of canal-filling means

Para- pulp and Lugano pin

Removing of a pin from the root canal


Removing of obturation


Caries appears under the impact of factors such as the existence of tooth plaque, increased acidity in the oral cavity, the condition of the saliva, the existence of certain micro-flora in the mouth, any frequent consumption of sugar, etc. Sugar reception poses the strongest influence for its occurrence and development. According to the statistics accounted based on many years of practise of the Dentists in ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics, tooth caries affects 95% of all people.
The disease itself is a process, whereby the tooth enamel undergoes acidic solution, i.е., the tooth surface breaks, while the underlying tooth structure undergoes decay of the protein composition, i.е. destruction of the teeth. Symptom for existence of caries is pain in the tooth when it is being physically and/or chemically teased – due to the feeling of sweet, warm, cold, pressure on the tooth, etc.
Types of caries: occlusal, proximal, root, recurrent, facial and lingual. For prevention of tooth caries, the Specialists of ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics advise you for the following: wash your teeth every time after food, clean the interdental spaces with dental floss, rinse out the oral cavity with anti-bacterial mouth water, and see your Dentist every 6 months for tracing the health status of your teeth.

Photopolymeric Filling is used most often in the practise of ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics. It is made from photopolymerizing composite material and requires dry surfaces of the tooth, which makes the process itself quite complex.
Photopolymeric filling is exclusively suitable for all teeth in the dentition. Its main advantages are the exclusively high level of aesthetics and the recreation of the natural relief of your teeth, as precisely as possible. Its sensitivity to moisture is considered a disadvantage.
The photopolymeric filling is the best choice for treatment of caries, since it is not to be distinguished from the natural teeth, provided that the selected colour is correct and the Dentist is diligent.

Pulpit presents an inflammatory suffering (a complication of the deep caries but may occur due to mechanic trauma, thermal or chemical shock, also with complications of chronic periodontitis), whereby the infection of the hard tooth tissues penetrates also into the soft ones – the pulp.
The pulp is a mixed notion, including the nerves of the tooth, its circulatory system, and lymph. Its clinical health determines the state of the tooth itself.
Reasons for occurrence – uncured caries (most often), abrasion (developed stage of rubbing-out of the tooth), trauma and braking of the tooth crown, thermic damages with filing down of the crowns, etc.
The therapeutic experience of the Specialists at ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics shows that, with the lapse of time, the caries deepens in the dentin, and reaches the pulp. Both layers of the tooth – the enamel and the dentin – have been overcome. Bacteria start to enter free from the mouth into the tooth cavity, thus bringing to inflammation of the nerve, which is irreversible, and the pain is unbearable.
According to the speed of passing of pulpit, we can distinguish acute and chronic pulpit.
According to its ethiology – bacterial, medicamentous, traumatic, and thermal pulpit.

The treatment of pulpit is carried out through root treatment. Root treatment is a procedure, which aims to eliminate the inflammous or necrotic nerves and blood vessels.
Following the use of anaesthetic, an opening is made in the tooth to reach the root canals. It is then mechanically broadened with endodontic instruments, disinfection is made, and then filled in with canal-filling material to the root top. The opening of the tooth is then closed with laboratory-made obturation (inlay, onlay) or with photopolymer. In case the treated tooth has weakened structure and large destruction, it is possible to reach to pin-building (pinlay).
The Dentists of ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics advise you to take measures for treatment of the pulpit as soon as possible, because the infection from the root canals may affect the tissues surrounding the tooth, and undesired processes may develop, namely – gangrene, cyst, abscess, and periodontitis. Otherwise, the infected tooth will have to be pulled out – once having been destructed, the pulp may not be healed.

Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the paradental tissues (periodontium). It runs acutely or chronically.
Symptom for the existence of acute festering periodontitis is the feeling of strong pain when touching the tooth, and pulsing pain, which vanishes after draining out of the festering liquid in a natural way or following treatment. Sometime increase of the body temperature is possible, up to 38С, and the submandibular lymph nozzles become increased while pain is felt when groping.
The acute apical periodontitis develops due to complication of the diseases of the tooth tissues (caries, pulpit). Complaints are – localized, constant, spontaneous pain, which becomes stronger during the night and when chewing solid food. The inflammation process is often localized around the top of the tooth root.
The chronic apical periodontitis usually is a non-painful state, with which the top part of the tooth root is chronically inflamed. It develops after acute periodontitis or after chronic trauma, and is featured by growth of the tissue as a protective reaction. With the chronic periodontitis granuloma is formed, the root cyst. These are most often established after X-Ray examination.
The treatment of periodontitis in ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics is done conservatively (endodontic treatment) or surgically. The endodontic treatment presents mechanic processing of the root canals, their disinfection and fill-in. If such treatment fails, surgical treatment is carried out – removing of the top part of the root, pulling-out of the damaged root, or pulling-out of the tooth.