Our Clinics work also with the National Health Insurance Fund (‘NHIF’).

Rights of the Patient for receipt of dental services

The citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria may afford the following dental services:

  • Make use of dental services in their quality of mandatory health-insured persons, within the scope of operations agreed between the NHIF and the Union of Dentists in Bulgaria (‘UDB’)
  • Make use of dental services in their quality of voluntary health-insured persons with licensed Voluntary Health Insurance Funds
  • Pay out the received dental help in whole

Rights, Terms and Conditions stipulated in the National Framework Contract (‘NFC’) for use of the scope of dental operations in favour of mandatory health -insured persons – Fall down Menu to Main Panel.

The mandatory health-insured persons shall use outpatient dental care from a Dentist chosen thereby, who has an agreement executed with any Regional Health-insurance Fund on the territory of this country.

To make their choice, it is not necessary for the persons to fill in a registration form. Dental care shall be provided following the presentation of the personal health-insurance card of the persons.

The mandatory health-insured persons shall freely make or change their choice of a Dentist, with respect to each of the operations agreed during the term of effect of the NFC.

It is the right of the insured persons to be informed about the packages, scope, and cost of the agreed operations, before being rendered any services by the Dentist. In the health-insurance card of the person shall be entered the data of the Dentist, who performed the operations, the signature and seal of the latter, the operation code, and the code of the respective tooth according to the agreement with the NHIF, plus the date of performance.

In case the pages in the health-insurance card become totally finished, an additional supplement sheet thereto shall be used, following the sample approved by the UDB and the NHIF, which the insured persons can receive from the Regional Health-insurance Fund /’RHIF’/.

Children up to 18 years of age, pregnant women, and the people exempted in the manner of the Health Insurance Act (‘HIA’) and the NHIF List, shall not pay consumer fee.

Health-insured persons shall be entitled, when necessary, to make sector X-Radiography of their teeth and orthopantomography, assigned with a direction for medical & diagnostics activity of a Dentist, and reimbursed by the National Health-insurance Fund.

Youngsters up to 18 years of age are entitled to use one extensive dental examination per annum, with shooting of their teeth status and four treatment operations, where two operations out of all four present treatment of pulpit or periodontitis of a constant tooth.

Persons over 18 years of age may avail of one extensive dental examination, with shooting of the teeth status, and two treatment operations.

Pregnant women may avail of an additional extensive dental examination, with shooting of the teeth status, with establishment of the pregnancy, paid out by the NHIF in whole.