Aesthetic dentistry presents recovery of the teeth with the same size, form, relief, and colour, without this affecting the aesthetic look of the dentition. The result is improved look and charm of your smile.

Cost of Aesthetic Services



Cleaning of tartar of the above-gingival area

Cleaning of tartar of the sub-gingival area

Cleaning of tartar of one tooth

Polishing with sodium

Polishing with paste

Whitening package all teeth

Whitening with dental splints of the whole dentition

Professional whitening in surgery of tooth

Internal whitening after root treatment

Composite facet of a front tooth

Composite crown

Facet with photopolymer

Local processing of the mucosa

Vitality (establishment of a healthy/sick tooth)


The tartar and the plaque present lodgement on the teeth, which harden in the course of time. These become the reason for the occurrence of a number of diseases of the teeth and crowns. These are, essentially, bacteria, food remnants, and body cells, which cause the diseases when in contact with the crowns – gingivitis, periodontitis (parodontosis).
The symptoms of said diseases are bleeding of the crowns, swelling of the crowns, reddening of the crowns, bad breath. With the existence of a given symptom, it becomes necessary to seek for dental care as soon as practicable. Any postponement will bring problems that are more serious.
The Dentists of Mateevi MD Clinics shall put forward your diagnosis and provide you with competent advice for treatment, according to the particulars of your problem.


The process of removing stains of the teeth and change of their colour to whiter is called Teeth Whitening. For strongly coloured teeth, such procedure can considerably improve their look, towards perfectly white.
For the Teeth Whitening procedures in Mateevi MD Clinics, peroxide gels are used with effect, which is different in its power (from 3% to 30%). The power of the effect of the gel depends on the concentration of peroxide – the higher the concentration is the mightier is the effect.
Higher concentration of the gel has greater efficiency on the whitening of the teeth; however, it also hides higher degree of risk from undergoing of undesirable reactions such as increased sensitivity and damage of the surrounding tissues and crowns.

Veneers are applied in the following cases: for coloured teeth, which are not susceptible to whitening – such colourings occur in case of reception of large quantities of Fluor or reception of tetracycline during the development of the teeth; discrepancies in the size and form of the teeth, thus creating asymmetry of the smile with non-trimmed teeth – heaped and twisted teeth, or teeth with distance in-between. These are about 0.5 mm thick, which allows the achievement of excellent aesthetic result with maximum preservation of the tooth tissues in just two sessions at ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics.
Ceramic veneers are very fine plates made of ceramics. With their sticking to the front side of the teeth, the colour, forms, order, and size of the teeth become totally changed, and so does the overall vision of the person.
The veneers made in the laboratory of ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics allow the receipt of best quality aesthetic result – because of the lack of any metals; the light penetrates in depth, thus giving the tooth a very natural view.

The Whitening with Dental Splints is a procedure, whereby whitening gel is laid on the dental splints, and then the latter are fixed onto the teeth and are carried at different times, depending on the concentration and type of the preparation. With the affixing of the splints, one must pay attention that the whitening preparation does not come out of the splint, since this may cause injury and irritation of the crowns.
Sensitivity of the teeth occurs in many cases with the Patients of ‘Mateevi MD’ Clinics.  Our specialists’ advice in such cases is that you interrupt the procedure for some two or three days, or use special preparations, which reduce the sensitivity and recover the mineral balance in the enamel.
The whitening procedure with dental splints lasts about two to three weeks, and another two – for stabilisation of the colour to be achieved. The Dentists of Clinics ‘Mateevi MD’ strongly recommend THAT YOU do not undertake any whitening in domestic conditions without prior consultancy, because this is potentially dangerous for the health of the teeth and crowns. If you wish to undertake whitening on your own, prints should be taken from your teeth, which are used to make the dental splints in our Laboratory. The prints are soft in such case, and fit exactly to the tooth surface without causing irritation.
While having the dental splints, you should not take drinks and/or food, in spite of the splints’ being convenient and not obstructing speech. The duration of the effect of this procedure may last for several years; however, it depends very much on the care you take of your teeth.