At ‘Mateevi MD’ Dental Clinics we avail of our own, state-of-the-art equipped X-Ray Room.
You will be carefully served by our Professional Team of X-Ray Testers. Many processes of teeth treatment need an X-Ray photo, with the purpose of a more precise diagnosis and analysis on part of your Treating Dentist. The exposition to dental X-Rays is safe, because it is only subtle. The X-Ray Tester sends a precise ray to the given tooth or to a given group of teeth. The exposure is very short. It is important to know that the X-Ray film does not let the X-Rays through, because on its backside it has a dense lead foil. The Tester will cover your body with a lead vest protecting the internal organs. Pregnant women and children are not recommended to undertake X-Ray photos; however, in case a given treatment process needs such, there is no place for worry.

Cost of X-Ray photos


Sector X-Ray photos

10 BGN

Panoramic X-Ray photos

25 BGN